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Groza Instrument for Protective Equipment Parameters Measurement


Groza is designed for testing and parameter measurement of excessive voltage and excess current protection equipment including:

  • cross protection units;
  • protective gears for wire communication equipment;
  • protective gears for РРС equipment carrier links and base stations;
  • current and voltage protective elements;
  • excess voltage suppressors for under 0.4 kV mains.

Areas of Use

  • operation of telecommunication equipment,  power plants and automatic equipment;
  • electronics development and production;
  • equipment test for electromagnetic effect tolerance.

The scope of supply includes controllable adapters rendering it possible to test different types of protective gears inclusive of multiple-pair ones.

For computer-assisted operation, measurement data archivation and composition of resulting documents are possible.

Technical Specifications

The device generates:

  • test voltages within the range of 50...800 V DC (builds up in a saw-like manner at the rate of 100 V per second), max. load current 1mA;
  • test current within the range of 10...200 mA (is set at a pitch of 10 mA) completed with <А2> self-contained supply adapter only.

The device is used for measuring:

  • arresters discharge static voltage;
  • varistors, stabilitrons and suppressors max. AC operation voltage;
  • operating current of ceramic and polymer posistors and fuses;
  • protective gears and units insertion resistance (both wires simultaneously using <А2> and <А4> adapters only).

General Specifications

  • Power: mains adapter or a rechargeable battery;
  • Operation temperature: +5oС...+40oС;
  • Dimensions: 200x100x40 mm;
  • Weight: 0.6 kg.

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