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Ethernet & IP Network Tester MAKS-EM

The tester analyzer of package networks МАКS-ЕМ is intended for control and diagnostics of parameters of quality of modern communication systems on the basis of the IP technology, and also for performance of measurements of parameters of networks of data transmission on compliance to requirements of the order of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications No. 113 from 27.09.2007 and quality check of service of subscribers. Control of parameters of transport streams of the Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet networks is carried out according to the international recommendations.

MAKS-EM it is brought in the state register of measuring instruments.

The analyzer allows to test data links at carrying out starting-up and adjustment and repair work on the Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet networks.

MAKS-EM is the device of new generation, combining simplicity and convenience of management with wide functionality. The user is given opportunity of a choice of options necessary for it. The device is necessary, first of all, for technical experts or assemblers of networks, the engineers responsible for transport services, communications service providers and the supervising organizations for documentary confirmation of the demanded and stipulated quality of service.

Main functions:

  • parallel testing of two Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet interfaces;
  • the traffic generation/analysis at channel, network levels and is higher with installation of loading, bits of a priority of ToS/DSCP, length of packages, control of MAC addresses and source and recipient IP addresses and other fields of packages;
  • collecting and display of various statistical information on an accepted and transferred traffic;
  • testing according to recommendations of RFC-2544, RFC-3393 and Y.1564;
  • control of connectivity of channels and routes at IP level: echo testing (ping), route (traceroute);
  • the loop organization at physical, channel and network levels with shift or replacement of the fields MAC, IP and others;
  • the connection organization from one measuring port on another with parallel collecting statistics in a monitoring mode;
  • traffic filtration at channel and network levels;
  • support of the protocol of operation, administration and service (OAM) on Ethernet;
  • diagnostics of malfunctions of a copper cable (a condition of a cable, distance to defect, a perekrestnost of twisted pairs etc.);
  • support of the protocol of permission of addresses (ARP);
  • support of the protocol of a dynamic configuration of a hub (DHCP);
  • support of multilegal switching on labels (MPLS);
  • measurement of a variation of a delay of packages (PDV);
  • support of the protocol of high-precision synchronization of time (RTR) according to IEEE1588 recommendation;
  • measurement of factor of bit mistakes (BER);
  • remote management through USB port, and also via the web interface on an additional joint of Ethernet by means of the browser;
  • possibility of change of a microcode user;
  • support of the Russian and English interface of the menu of the device and program of remote management.
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